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Structural Integration:

An Adventure in Transformation

Rolfing structural integration is a system of manual therapeutic bodywork which offers a unique invitation to a better relationship with gravity. Through the strategic and sensitive use of touch and movement, fascia (the connective tissue surrounding and supporting every muscle, organ and joint in the body) is freed from the chronic tension and holding patterns which keep bodies out of balance. Alignment improves, engendering a sense of ease, reducing pain, lessening wear and tear on joints, and leaving you feeling freer, lighter, and more aware of your body.

"As the body approaches balance, it is more comfortable in the gravitational field." *

Rolfing SI frees up energy used fighting gravity for whatever you want your life to be about! If your body could take a new direction, what would you want that direction to be? How might the structural transformation you imagine affect your life? Your ability to keep moving in the direction you want after the Rolfing SI is enhanced through increased body awareness and resources provided during the sessions.

Rolfing SI serving Boulder and Boulder County. For more information about Rolfing structural integration explore this website, or contact me for a free consultation.

For more about Rolfing structural integration and chronic pain, visit www.chronicpainboulder.com

*Courtesy of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®, Boulder, Colorado

Certified Rolfer Vivian Gettliffe's practice is located in Boulder, Colorado, in a sunlit studio at 2970 Washington Street.
Boulder is a world center for Rolfing S.I. and the home of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®.

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