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Does Rolfing® Structural Integration
Last? Resources and Suggestions to Make Sure It Will!

Often people invest in a Rolfing S.I. series because they sense that their body is evolving in a direction they don't like. The Rolfing SI process helps them to turn the corner and begin heading in a new, more comfortable and functional direction.

A key emphasis in my work with clients is empowering them to confidently continue in the new direction which Rolfing SI has opened up for their bodies. Some of this is inherent in the increased body awareness which often accompanies Rolfing S.I., leading to insight and motivation about options that will contribute to continued long-term change in a positive direction.

There are many ways to support the changes achieved through a Rolfing series so that your body can continue to evolve in a positive direction. Each person must find the unique combination that is appropriate to their own structure and personality. Our work together will facilitate this as we explore approaches to optimizing the effects of your Rolfing S.I. experience. Resources and referrals are offered to help you implement those ideas which make sense for your life and body.

Do the effects of Rolfing Structural Integration last? It's up to you!

General Health & Nutrition
Healthy connective tissue responds better to Rolfing SI and has greater adaptability for responding appropriately to what life presents. A good diet, adequate rest, and attention to your general state of health will all contribute to the health of your tissues and your body's ability to optimally use the Rolfing SI experience.

Pay Attention to Your Feet
Your structural health begins where your feet connect to the ground. Make sure they can feel the ground. Shoes should be comfortable, allow plenty of room for toes to stretch out, have thin enough soles so you can feel the terrain you're walking on, and be flexible enough so that your foot can roll through from the heel strike to the toe hinge. Ask for my list of guidelines for buying shoes.

While you're at it, consider your pillows, shoulderbags, backpacks, and wallets in the back pocket as well. Listen to what your body is telling you!

Breathe Deep
Rolfing S.I. typically increases breath capacity by creating more room for the lungs. A program of regular aerobic exercise (running, swimming, dancing, low-impact aerobics, etc.) will help you to keep breathing fully. Yoga can also support and improve your breathing.

Stretch Regularly
A regular program of gentle stretches will help you keep the flexibility and ease you are getting from the Rolfing S.I.. Yoga offers a varied selection of wonderful approaches to stretching. Restorative and therapeutic yoga are available through Boulder's Rec Centers for those who want to start gently. I highly recommend Cassandra Field's therapeutic yoga classes at the North Boulder Rec Center. Cassandra also offers private yoga instruction mindfulness instruction, and somatic therapy. Visit her website at www.sanitaswellness.com.

Strengthen Your Core
Rolfing S.I. brings vitality and awareness into your core so that your body can live and move from its center. Activities which strengthen the intrinsic musculature of your core, if done in a balanced way, will support and enhance the benefits of the Rolfing S.I.. Locally Pat Guyton offers a very conscious approach to the classic core-strengthening discipline of pilates. Her offerings include private introductory sessions as well as beginners' "pre-pilates" classes, regular and advanced classes.

Rolfing SI offers the body a better base of support through better alignment beginning with the feet and legs. This in turn leads to greater potential for movement expression and exploration. Increasing your body's repertory of movement will help you not only maintain but increase the ease and openness gained from the Rolfing S.I. experience. The Feldenkrais method is a powerful way to change life-long movement patterns that may interfere with the benefits of the Rolfing. I refer many clients to master Feldenkrais practitioner Gil Kelly for both private sessions, and his less expensive group classes.

Get Emotional Support
Patterns of physical tension or pain may be related to past experiences of stress or trauma, or to anxiety about current or future circumstances or events. In releasing such patterns, Rolfing S.I. may bring up emotions or memories best explored with a professional therapist. This could be a great time to explore how stress in your life can be reduced through either specific stress management techniques or through exploring and addressing the root causes. Cassandra Field's somatic therapy work is based on mindfulness techniques, and specifically addresses chronic pain issues. I also recommend Darrell Sanchez' wonderful body-based approach to trauma resolution.

Expand Your Perception
Your experience and use of your body and the space around you can change depending on where you put your awareness. Do you keep your eyes on the ground or your head in the clouds? Boulder is fortunate to have some skilled movement practitioners who also incorporate the subtle use of perception into their work with clients. A single session is likely to surprise you with impactful new options and insights.

Live Ergonomically
What you do in your everyday life - how you work, play, drive, use the computer - makes a huge difference in your ability to keep moving in the new direction. Now is the time to take some measures (literally!) to be sure you're treating your body right. You might start at Boulder's Better Back Store, at 2043 Walnut Street.

Envision Balance
Your Rolfing S.I. experience has left your body more balanced. Take the time to invite greater balance into the rest of your life as well. What is your plan for enhancing the transformation you've experienced? Feel free to contact me for questions or specific resources relating to all of these suggestions.

Certified Rolfer Vivian Gettliffe's practice is located in Boulder, Colorado, in a sunlit studio at 2970 Washington Street.
Boulder is a world center for Rolfing S.I. and the home of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®.

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