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Is the Rolfing®
S.I. Working?

Rolfing structural integration is a process that continues to produce changes after the actual session or series is completed. How do you know if the Rolfing S.I. has worked or is still working? Look for any or all of the following indicators:

Comfortableness & Posture

Are you experiencing your body as more comfortable to live in?

Does better alignment feel more natural and easy to access?

Are you able to relax and center yourself more easily under difficult circumstances?

Pain & Symptoms

Are any structural symptoms or conditions you brought into the process less severe or less frequent?

Do you experience quicker recovery from any recurring symptoms or conditions?

Do any chronic symptoms or conditions seem less critical or dangerous?

Do you feel more in control of chronic symptoms or conditions?

Do you find yourself less dependent on medications?

Body Image & Awareness

Are you worrying less about your body?

Do you feel positive changes in your body?

Do you visually observe yourself being straighter?

Do you find your appreciation of your body has increased?

Are you able to experience your body as a source of comfort?

Energy & Attitude

Do you feel stronger?

Do you feel more efficient or have more energy?

Do you find yourself making healthier choices for yourself over time?

Have you noticed your attitude toward life in general becoming more optimistic?

Do you feel as though a mental, emotional or physical weight has been removed from you?


Have you noticed a fuller experience of movement?

Does movement feel more fluid and connected throughout your body?

Is movement more easily available to you?

Life Changes

Have you noticed yourself making a number of positive new relationships?

Do you find it easier to change habitual unhealthy thoughts or actions?

Do you feel more in control of your life?

If you feel that changes such as these have tapered off or ceased, or if you would like to continue to expand upon these changes, contact me to discuss whether it would be appropriate for you to schedule further sessions as part of a strategy for optimizing your continued positive transformation.

Certified Rolfer Vivian Gettliffe's practice is located in Boulder, Colorado, in a sunlit studio at 2970 Washington Street.
Boulder is a world center for Rolfing S.I. and the home of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®.

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