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About Your Rolfing®
S.I. Appointment:
What is a session like?

You will be receiving various types of touch, mostly while laying on a table, some while sitting on a bench (toward the end of the session). At the beginning of the session, and from time to time, I will ask you to stand in order to assess your body's alignment. Depending on the pressure needed, I may use my fingers, hands, arms or elbows. Most people find most of the touch of Rolfing S.I. to be a pleasurable experience. It is quite collaborative; our interaction will inform the type of touch used at any given moment in the session.

How long is a session?

The bodywork portion of the session will last from 1 to 1 hours. Allow extra time for your arrival and departure and for the assessment at the beginning of the session.

What about after the session?

Take it somewhat easy for 24 hours after a session. Walking is a great way to integrate the session, but running, strenuous workouts or heavy lifting are discouraged.

Is the first session different?

Your first session will begin with discussing what you hope to get from the session(s), as well as other information which could be pertinent to the work, including important aspects of your health history. Please allow a full 2 hours for the first session so that we have plenty of time for this discussion.

What should I wear?

Women should wear a bra and underpants, 2-piece swimsuit, or other comfortable clothing that provides a good view of the body and leaves it fairly accessible to touch. Men should wear secure underwear or a speedo-type swimsuit; short gym shorts on top are optional. Please do not wear lotion to the sessions.

Will you take photos?

When doing a structural series, I like to take photos before or after a few of the sessions so that I can engage in structural analysis at my leisure between sessions, but this is entirely up to you. The photos would not be used or shared without your permission.


The session often begins at your feet and moves upward. Keep in mind that the same hands that touch your feet will be touching you elsewhere, including possibly your face and head.


Click here for mapquest directions. Come to the 2-story studio at the end of the driveway. We will be working upstairs. If you arrive early and there is a sign at the bottom of the stairs, please enter and wait in the lower level or in the back garden until I come get you. Help yourself to water, hot tea, or homemade iced tea in the fridge, and feel free to browse through the books on the shelf by the entry.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is required before a cancellation.

Certified Rolfer Vivian Gettliffe's practice is located in Boulder, Colorado, in a sunlit studio at 2970 Washington Street.
Boulder is a world center for Rolfing S.I. and the home of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®.

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